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  1. For further support for any problem you have ingame you can join our new discord server. All are invited to join, you will find the link down below https://discord.gg/J8D6uq4
  2. Old and new clans already join the server. If you like the cp wars and also the solo pvp give it a try. This season many things changed and also new anticheat running on the server. Interfaces that use auto skils auto attack and more are blocked and also adrenaline. Jumb in pvp and have fun , enjoy.
  3. Ακόμα και σόλο να είσαι το ξέρεις ότι μπορείς να κάνεις donate DC και να αγοράσεις τα parts από παίχτες που farmaroun τα bosses σωστά? Και να πληρώσεις περισσότερο επειδή ακόμα δεν υπάρχουν στο donate shop. Tα donates είναι ανοιχτά και μπορείς να αγοράσεις dc το ότι δεν υπάρχουν οι armors στο donate shop δεν σημαίνει οτι κάποιος δεν μπορεί να αγοράσει από παίχτη.
  4. Σαν gm όσο καιρό είμαι στον server αν θες να πεις ότι δίνουμε items με αυτό το post σου κάνεις μεγάλο λάθος. Ο server βασίζεται στα cp και τα cp που θα οργανωθούν και θα ξεκινήσουν τα raids άπο την πρώτη μέρα λογικό είναι και να βγάλουν τα items. Ξέρεις πολύ καλά ότι τα boss γίνονται respawns γρήγορα άρα η clan που θα τα farmarei θα κερδίσει προβάδισμα. Σε λίγες μέρες θα προστεθούν τα items στο donate shop και έχω ενημερώσει ήδη τον admin να προσθέσει τις titanium armors στο gm shop.
  5. Actually there was a lot of changes in previous seasons also , i dont know if you login to check. We shuffle many times the raid loop new farm zones , more friendly to solo players and more things. Adding also the first custom armor titanium on gm shop with adena and medals so can be obtainable from everyone. Dynasty drops from epic bosses and later will be added with low chance also in normal bosses. But every suggestion is welcome and i respect what you mention here.
  6. I know about adrenaline in nowdays servers and i know also official server implement auto farm but this is a decision of every server owner, if the owner dont want adrenaline in his server he has every right to do that. So as i know your clan and your ally break a lot of time the rules of the server so in every game there is consequences if someone cheating or not follow the rules. And as you know we cant start banning everyone in the server we try to improve some things, this was the issue that your clan and your ally not receive the reward.This was owner decision. Now my decision was to give you and your ally the reward for ingame currency in this season but you must follow the rules of the server especially the leader of the clan. So the only thing to do if you want to play back send me here a private message as i mention in the other post.
  7. @KabLe21 There is an auto jail protection for adrenaline users. If u use any kind of program with extra things bot protection may jail you. So try to change interface at first if you dont use adrenaline.
  8. I know the frustration for you as a player also, but previous season we have problem with clans that call us corrupted and we help you and your clan all the time, and this is cause your clan members boting 24h/day and we receive many messages that we dont ban your members and we let you boting. I try my best to punish boters as the policy of the server is that adrenaline not allowed but also i was very forgiving to many players cause this days is really very hard to block a program like adrenaline. Eitherways in the last updates we find a way to block this issue but all the time till this time was too late the damage was done. You win 2 sieges and this is real you and your ally and after that sieges you cant understand how many messages i receive that i am corrupted and i help you on siege to take the castle and you know i never help anyone and there is no corruption in this server. But we lost many cp's after that, i can tell you that we have a big issue with your clan and with adrenaline users and this conflicts to other clans also. As a lineage player and a staff of this server we apologize for the reward of two castles for you and your ally, and as a gm of the server and community manager if your clan and your ally wants to come back you will receive the reward for ingame currency. All need to do is to send me a private message here on maxcheaters. With Respect, Warning
  9. I will talk as a long time player from oldschool L2 from official servers and from private servers. In year 2020 the lineage players are the same, they will never increase if there is no a remaster. Now all the players are like they know everything about balance and everything about the game. They want all servers been based to them and their class. If someone else kill them with a counter class they will cry and they say the server is unbalance. I remember from old official interlude days how messed up was olympiad there. There was no balance between classes and there was classes that was better in olympiad than others and this is a fact but noone cried cause we still discover things that days. We were new in this game ,we love it, we make friendships, we try to discover more and more things about the game but nowdays this is destroyed. Private Servers: There are admins that care only for money and open the server again and again with wipes without make any change in their server and believe me still works fine. But there also other admins that care about the server they try daily to change things to make their server better ,but there comes the community of the server, " WHY YOU CHANGE THAT , YOU DESTROY THE SERVER , I WILL LEAVE " In the other hand if you dont make updates we have the players "YOU WIPE THE SERVER WITH NO CHANGES, EVERY SEASON THE SAME SHIT, YOU CARE ONLY FOR MONEY, DO SOME CHANGES PLEASE, FIX THAT PLEASE" Players nowdays will never be happy trust me. So i can assure you some admins make mistakes but the biggest issue about nowdays is the LINEAGE COMMUNITY and i talk as a player now. Nowdays players want to change server every month without any specific reason , either some clans wanted to move to another server and others move with them or i dunno. I have more to say but i dont want to make it unreadable. Thats from me.
  10. So you send me a screen now that i was offline and this was at night. I can assure you that i am online 12 hours a day helping everyone in the server. I am human and i need to sleep also right? So i will send you a screen also that doesnt mean anything, you can ask every player in the server how my support is.
  11. Write some details about balance system is a mess we would like to know dont post something without give us something. About adrenaline users you know all this days that 80% of the players use adrenaline right? But we punish every user with adrenaline. In this server daily we try to improve protection so we can block this users. And also about petition i am like all day online maybe you dont know the command /gmlist to find the gm/admin on the server and contact with them. I answer every petition and every message player will send me. Dont spread false informations about the server.
  12. If you think that the server is empty just join and check. And many more video will be uploaded