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  1. I will talk as a long time player from oldschool L2 from official servers and from private servers. In year 2020 the lineage players are the same, they will never increase if there is no a remaster. Now all the players are like they know everything about balance and everything about the game. They want all servers been based to them and their class. If someone else kill them with a counter class they will cry and they say the server is unbalance. I remember from old official interlude days how messed up was olympiad there. There was no balance between classes and there was classes that was better in olympiad than others and this is a fact but noone cried cause we still discover things that days. We were new in this game ,we love it, we make friendships, we try to discover more and more things about the game but nowdays this is destroyed. Private Servers: There are admins that care only for money and open the server again and again with wipes without make any change in their server and believe me still works fine. But there also other admins that care about the server they try daily to change things to make their server better ,but there comes the community of the server, " WHY YOU CHANGE THAT , YOU DESTROY THE SERVER , I WILL LEAVE " In the other hand if you dont make updates we have the players "YOU WIPE THE SERVER WITH NO CHANGES, EVERY SEASON THE SAME SHIT, YOU CARE ONLY FOR MONEY, DO SOME CHANGES PLEASE, FIX THAT PLEASE" Players nowdays will never be happy trust me. So i can assure you some admins make mistakes but the biggest issue about nowdays is the LINEAGE COMMUNITY and i talk as a player now. Nowdays players want to change server every month without any specific reason , either some clans wanted to move to another server and others move with them or i dunno. I have more to say but i dont want to make it unreadable. Thats from me.
  2. So you send me a screen now that i was offline and this was at night. I can assure you that i am online 12 hours a day helping everyone in the server. I am human and i need to sleep also right? So i will send you a screen also that doesnt mean anything, you can ask every player in the server how my support is.
  3. Write some details about balance system is a mess we would like to know dont post something without give us something. About adrenaline users you know all this days that 80% of the players use adrenaline right? But we punish every user with adrenaline. In this server daily we try to improve protection so we can block this users. And also about petition i am like all day online maybe you dont know the command /gmlist to find the gm/admin on the server and contact with them. I answer every petition and every message player will send me. Dont spread false informations about the server.
  4. If you think that the server is empty just join and check. And many more video will be uploaded
  5. New Season Start Today in 6 Hours. Register your clan in forum for clan reward. Many clans already registered. Join us.
  6. In a populated pvp server in the begin is not hard someone farm pvp. Many players from the start go with S-grade/A-grade armor for pvp on pvp zone and play like 2 days in a row. PVP zone is always open and also many fights included on grandbosses/bosses. To remind you when this server start many choose their playstyle. Some go for farm , some clan's go for bosses and some solo players go pvp zone(pvp badges,lifestones rewards))
  7. Day 3 Server is Live, Some Clan's PVP, Join us
  8. Server open today 19:00 gmt +2 Europe. New update and new features added on the server . .dressme Feature Cost 50 event medals to skin yourself for 12 hours.you can obtain that medals from server events like tvt and tournaments. Some skins that we add on this feature down below : https://imgur.com/a/E8W4ZzC
  9. What a joke of a server and the players who keep play in this and donate monthly.
  10. Nice work with the presentation and also nice work on your website. GL with your project