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  1. Day 3 Server is Live, Some Clan's PVP, Join us
  2. Server open today 19:00 gmt +2 Europe. New update and new features added on the server . .dressme Feature Cost 50 event medals to skin yourself for 12 hours.you can obtain that medals from server events like tvt and tournaments. Some skins that we add on this feature down below : https://imgur.com/a/E8W4ZzC
  3. What a joke of a server and the players who keep play in this and donate monthly.
  4. Nice work with the presentation and also nice work on your website. GL with your project
  5. Some ingame highlights from our players.. Enjoy - Join us - New Dynasty Armor Update
  6. Server is very decent compare other pvp servers.Donates are not expensive and also if you dont want to donate you can also farm adena and buy the donate coins you want.Many servers give more boost to donate players and this is kinda unbalanced so in this server this not exist.Also we get every report from players include the sieges and everything and all fixed in notime.As a gm i am active like 24/7 to check everything in server.This server compare to many others pvp server is much better.You can join us and see and check all classes in pvp zone. hf Regards, Warning
  7. Geia sas paides tha ithela mia mikri voitheia i enimerwsi...exw enan server ton ftiaxnw siga siga alla iparxei ena provlima otan kinite o paixtis dn allazei kateythinsi me ena click prepei na patisw perissotera wste na allaksei kateythinsi ...einai les kai kollaei i kathisterei ...kserei kaneis an ginetai na ftiaxtei ayto i einai kathara provlima tou pack?
  8. WTb Octa Ring send me inbox discuss the prize
  9. Wtb amaranthine blessed bow or blessed specter bow +7 or higher + octa ring contact me
  10. Hello guys ...i need someones help ...bcs i am not very good paint or make crests i will share a crest and if someone can help me and change the colour from white skull to red skull..i try paint it but when end the skull sux rly hard....plz if someone knows make it help me :) share below ..also i want a red colour like this :not bad: :P or like this red crest
  11. you dont need hatcling ...just buy strider ...haha xD ;)