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  1. I get error when copy/paste in armorgrp :(((
  2. Does chance of the success can be changed?Also do we must wait 5seconds for the enchant process :P
  3. gratz :) i dont like the flash anyway and played before on W][E :D
  4. So much new forgotten skills... After some chronicles we may see future fighter sniper :D or car :P
  5. I searched for an old enchant system ,but without result.So my question is does exit an a c6 enchant system for a gracia final?Waiting 5secs/each enchant is booring.
  6. Is possible to put Cloaks on Gracia 2.2 from 2.3?
  7. KungFu admin,can you share your vesper duals with us??
  8. I think its good but so slowly support and small team to be better...