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  1. tested and it is a really nice server and well organized,custom stats are very balanced and with some luck its going to be a really popular server :)
  2. not using l2tower.... i saw on the forum that one guy had the same error but not a reply has been made to that yet...
  3. i get a critical error when i press the l2.exe,i reinstalled the client but the same problem i dont know why...
  4. upload the patch in 4shared man...it takes long time to download 205 mb
  5. its unbalanced...dagger and gladis and tyrant are op...there is no penalty for heavy set so daggers becomes more op...heavy set has more increased stats than the others...fail server
  6. i login to the server,but after of 4 seconds gameplay i get this....(by the way my internet is just fine!!!)
  7. this is going to fail...i get disconnects all the time...
  8. server is down for some reasons.....maybe ddos attack again
  9. i tested the server,its good but needs people ....
  10. i get an error when i replace that mmocore to the pack ... edit: the mmocore for gracia epilogue i mean