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  1. L2 DEX NETWORK (on wrath server, there are 3 low-rate servers and 1 high-rate)... anyway DEX NETWORK is the longest and most populated L2 network ever existed, many years of running. The DEX server low-rate is running from 2003 and was never wiped.
  2. Very interesting guide, AW is my favourite class in l2.
  3. yes, he means that you must post a SS with a VirusScan for this uploaded files.
  4. DEX&FRIENZ have a rare anti-cheat system ... and this will not ban on IP,ACC or other sh1ts. If u try to cheat in-game you will get BANNED on your PC's MAC! You must go and buy other motherboard to play. I was banned on MAC on a few servers => Nothing to do!
  5. 2 class mix: bishop&storm screamer 3 class mix: bishop&storm screamer& necromacer
  6. enchant multiple weps for high-rate servers is the best option! :)