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  1. my guess is that maxtor was trying to impress some girl lol... something like: my score means how much i love u, or some shietz liek that haha
  2. lol how do u do it? teach us!!! ;D
  3. sooo.... im done with my homework, im waiting for supreme to go live, i really dont feel like playinf wc3 or counter strike, and im bored as hell... what do i do? i go to www.miniclip.com... i hadn't been there for years so i dont know what games to play... i find this game that is in rank bout 3 and decide to play it (even if it looks ghey), game is called Love's Arrow. i play, (game sux btw) and then im taken to the "Submit to High Scores" link, i enter my name, and guess what i find. LOVE'S ARROW HAS ALSO BEEN HACKED BY MAXTOR!!! omg i almost fell to the ground laughing lol...
  4. i keep getting this error when i try to download the windows package i am then redirected to a "Cannot be found" page. i then try to open the hosts file and it does not open up, anybody knows what im doing wrong?
  5. Walker for Supreme (IG or OOG) is wanted. I have $50 via paypal to whoever gets me one of those.
  6. lol live is coming soon and we need a working walker >.> i offer 20 dollars via paypal to whoever gets me a working walker for this server...
  7. anybody has a working walker for l2revenge? thanks
  8. does this mean it is the same IP and the l2walker that worked on paradise will work here as well?? if not, maybe someone can make a walker for supreme? xD
  9. $25 :roll: after all its a private server
  10. I did this a long time ago on a c1 server, Im wondering if it still works, if it does, it would own lol. 1. Create any new character. 2. Do NOT lvl it past 200 hp. 3. Equip it with Demon Set. This will create negative hit points making it impossible to kill which will convert him into an almighty god ^^ This is probably fixed by now, but I would like to know if it is still working.
  11. Ok problem resolved, I get this now: 04:41:47 Link LoginServer Succeed. 04:41:50 Login LoginServer Succeed. 04:41:51 服务器[02]当前在线率:70.35%,能否登陆:能 04:41:54 Link GameServer Succeed. 04:41:54 ->Login GameServer Fail. What am I doing wrong now? Im using version 10.6.1 and the l2asrv emulator. Thanks!