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  1. WoW Look that weapons i will waiting for thaT.Dude do tou know the release date? Nice discovery :)
  2. Hello L2-paradise is back online ass supreme Http://supremel2.com . Have fun it is still beta and 100x but in a few weeks it will back online ass L2 official And x5 :D
  3. Bantito Send some packets to create some S grade thinks in pvp server like GoodVsevil (l2goodvsevil.net) >>You are the BEST<< !!! :):)
  4. http://seb.esseetee.com/2006/11/19/last-post-about-l2-paradise/ Its a forum witch you can see whats going on in the L2-paradise! :D Learn about the FBI (if you don'y know) Good luck! If someone find out How to use this program in others server Post :)
  5. Well i will tell it soon a GREAT cheat for L2-paradise http://l2hack.awardspace.com/index.php Get it Its a XP SP Gold and Spoil rates Up exploint! Have Fun :D
  6. Very nice job! I think it is a Dark elf Quest!Nice thought!Good post and... Keep the good Job :D
  7. Nice BanTito Russian Guy But i have to ask you somethink and all i think. How can i exploit enchant 100% with Hlapex?? I must say that debugger knows SO IF someone knows post here !!
  8. Well hi! Bantito told me, someone want the translation in greeks! Post here if you want and i Will make it. I will check tomorow. B@ntitos Helper :)