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  1. I dont know where to put or to input those codes in =/ nor do i know how this program works , tried to but i dint get the message in private " hlapex : lets have fun " i dint get that =/ and i dont have the ip for my server nor the token anyone willing to help a bloke out il be grateful .
  2. an ? well i dont think it will steal accs thats like h4x lol but yeah all the other accessories Sweet
  3. Want to sell hero account on l2extreme titan Silver Ranger He has: Titanium light set + 6 baium ring (worth + 25 weapon) ant queen ring (worth +16 weapon) Hero bow +16 (crit slow) dagger = OWNED Hero protector (its A angel and he follows u around ) Hero bless (Hero buff that gives +50% Casting speed/Critical chance you can sell it at 10kk each) Its l2extreme the most populated private server ever!!!!!!!!!! No crapy offer pls i got some greek dudes thats ofering Alot for it !!! If your interested Pm me in this thread or private or my em
  4. Anybody know a website that u can waht mobs drop what !?
  5. I have it but why should i shout it out ? i mean so many selfish people who dont share anything are gona probally want this, oh and btw its encoded with macros so u can use automatic soul shots .
  6. Anganim l2ex is now c4 can u put up a link to isntal walker for l2ex pls xD
  7. A new L2 wlaker that was made but is still underground It makes u enchant anything 90%
  8. Anyone have the files for the GOLD gm Armor? Im maked a server and i want that armor anybody has it???
  9. Yeah i know it writen -.- but what do i wirte this = lin_setbuilderaccount_momasboi? How do i wirte the gm command ???
  10. Hm dejvis can u post examples with chat ?