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  1. High five Project

    yes i have check fandc compare with l2jsunrise and i see better l2jsunrise and why? because looks more stable [retail] high five client. already one of my friend fan of high five client knows everything, already join in my test server and tested everything about quest and some skills and looks promising. and yes i dont want to use any shared pack, i will make something new and diferent more classic and retail, away from styles likes tales,destiny,ava,mythras.
  2. Hello dears, First time i want to use l2j high five server, so what pack is better for me? i think the rates around x30 to x45. I see example FanDC or L2Sunrise, but can you write me the best choise? thanks.
  3. Hello dears, Happy new year everyone! Yesterday i have make speak with one friend about l2revolt.com old server gracia final 2010-2011. I like to remake it because my friends love it. I have already pictures and videos ingame npcs,custom instances,custom farm etc. but the most important i dont have it, the old patch of l2revolt. if anyone have l2revolt old patch please send me pm. i have search to many hours in google,4shared etc but nothing, thanks and have a nice day.
  4. I'm selling eternal sin project site/forum/and project source, es-l2.org, anyone can test it by download the patch from the site. If anyone interesting pm me via a message here. I will not tell you server what l2j uses, first you will see ingame features balance and than i will write you what l2j uses.
  5. Ressa x1000 Features list: -Rates: - x1000 Experience - x1000 Skill Points -x1000 Adena - x20 Spoil - x5 Seal Stones - x1 Drop - Player starts level: 80 - With 200kk Adena and 150kk AA. - Weapons Information: -Safe Enchant +3 -Maximum Enchant +20 -Medium Enchant Rate -New Weapons - Ancient Weapons - Grand Bosses drop Raid Letter, these Letters will allow the player to exchange for an Ancient Weapon at the Ancient Merchant. - Armors and Jewels Information: -New Armors - Special Ability S-Grade Armory - Mithril Mines (Center) monsters will drop a spoilable item (Blood of Chaos) this will allow the player to add Special Ability to a S Grade Armor. -Armors and Jewels Safe Enchant +3 -Armors and Jewels Maximum Enchant +8 -Hard Enchant Rate -Shop about to B grades - A grade weapons/armors traded from ancient merchant for sort of adenas and ancient adenas - No A/S grade scrolls in shop (Raid or spoil in custom zones) - Customized Zones: - Imperial Tomb Chaotic (76-80) Farm/PvP Area - This area was customized to a Chaotic Zone Area: - Blessed S/A Scrolls armor and weapon drops at imperial tomb from mobs. -Players with Karma won't drop items when killed inside one of the rooms; -When a player dies in this zone, the player will be respawned to the teleport location; -S Grade Weapons are obtained in this zone (Monsters inside the rooms will drop the weapons) - There's only this method to obtain S Grade Weapons -Mithril Mines Entrance (65-75): -Leveling area (Recommended 65-75) -Seal Stones Farm (Green and Blue) - Mithril Mines Center (76-80): -Seal Stones Farm (Green, Blue and Red) -Blood of Chaos Farm(Spoil) - Item required to add Special Ability to an S Grade Armor Set - Mithril Mines Grounds (76-80): -Seal Stones Farm (Green, Blue and Red) -Blood of Chaos Farm(Spoil) - Item required to add Special Ability to an S Grade Armor Set -Level 80 Raidbosses were added to end of this zone (Thief Kelbar, Anakim and Lilith) - Customized Raidbosses - located in Mithril Mines -These Raidbosses drop Raid Letter and a set of S Grade Weapons + *NEW* Angel Slayer with Evasion Special Ability - Retail Raidbosses from 60-80+ levels -bosses from level 60 to 75 in TOI drop Armor/Jewels A Grade sets, scrolls and Blood of Chaos -Main quest bosses drop 1 S-Grade set, 1-2 s grade weapons, blood of chaos and scrolls -Galaxia drops 3 S Grade Sets(Major,Draconic,Imperial) 3-6 S Grade WeaponsBlood of Chaos and Scrolls - NPC's Added: -Global Gatekeeper (Clarissa) -Ancient Merchant: In this Merchant you exchange your Ancient Adena and add Special Ability to your Armor and Weapon -Exchange Raid Letters for Ancient Weapons -Purchase A Grade Armors / S Grade Armors -Purchase A Grade Jewels / S Grade Jewels -Add Special Ability to S Grade Weapons / Armor Special Merchant: In this merchant you exchange your currencies -Exchange Seal Stones for Ancient Adena -Exchange Event Medals for Hair Accessories -Exchange Adena for an Adena Credit Card ( - Adena Credit Card) -Full Buffer: -The level of the buffs is maximized, giving the purpose and utility to Support Classes (Hierophant, Sword Muse, Eva Saint, Spectral Dancer, Shillen Saint, Doomcryer) -Castle Special Ability (Enchanted) - -This NPC has the feature of adding Special Ability to a weapon without loosing its current enchant value. (Example: Draconic Bow +12 - Draconic Bow Focus +12) -Only available inside Castles (Examples: Aden Castle / Giran Castle / Goddard Castle) -Available for S Grade Weapons only -Raidboss Manager: -Allows a player to get information about Grandbosses and Customized Bosses. (If they are currently alive or the time left to respawn) -Account Manager -Allows a player to edit his account password in-game. -Magic Supporter (Only located in Imperial Tomb Chaotic) -Allows a player to receive a Prophecy. (Wind, Water or Fire) -Player vs Player Merchant - Player vs Player reward system, a player earns Honor Medallions after they defeat another player in a battle. - In this Merchant you can exchange your Honor Medallions for special rewards. - Quests: -Subclass (Quest required, Red Pipette Knife can be purchased in Misc Merchant) -Noblesse (Caradine Letter level 65 can be purchased in Misc Merchant, Goddess Quest Items can be purchased in Misc Merchant, Killing barakiel can give you nobless status, if and only if you are in an active sub at level 75 and above) - Olympiad: -Retail like with the only custom option that it is weekly. -Every player is informed on login, when the period ends and when new heroes will be performed - Rune Siege: Everytime that rune siege is running Benom will spawn at throne room Benom will attack both clan(s) He will despawn if you don't kill him in 2 hours: He drops: x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter x1 Raid Letter 5.000.000 Ancient Adena 5.000.000 Ancient Adena 1-3 S Grade Scroll Armor 1-3 S Grade Scroll Weapon 1-3 S Grade Blessed Scroll Armor 1-3 S Grade Blessed Scroll Weapon x1 Book of giants x1 Book of giants x1 Book of giants - Misc: -30+4 Buff Slots -Auto learn skills -Class Master -Offline shop system. Grand Opening: January 12, 20:00 GMT +2 http://es-l2.org/
  6. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    Thanks for your good words, give a chance to join us guys, you think is not good? give a chance to give a try. Example you look one apple at a store from china and you say naah shit, but if you dont give a try to eat it you will not know if is good or not!
  7. [L2J]LineZeus.gr

    LineZeus using l2off not l2j.
  8. Thanks, something free for Eternal Sin Athena x45
  9. they see it like a Hobby, @.Elfocrash cant feel lineage 2 scene like you Stive and me back to 2005-2009 [nice years], now we are already to go 2018. Example: call of duty or leauge of legends have bots system. but you choose to play it. its the same. Lineage 2 will be die or grow up the same with or without bots system, and why? Think about it!
  10. If any clans dont have try eternal sin gaming, give a try with our clan! es-l2.org !
  11. [L2J] Legendary Eternal-Sin

    Dear players, join us! give a try and im sure you will like it ;)
  12. Hey lineage 2 fans, why you play this server if you dont like it, Skylord is one kid around 18-25years old anyway, what do you want to get from this kid? ofcourse is one server for money made, only three servers is for hobby since 2005. [Chronicle 3] online since 2005 iagaming.net , [Chronicle 4] online since 2005 l2elite.us, [Chronicle 6 online since 2007 darknick.net23.net and infogatel2.gr online since 2006 [Freya]. if you like to play something stable i have write you the servers. you have already 4 choices with your best chronicle. PS: Maybe is time some mod to make one topic sticky at Private Servers with the oldest stable servers. if players wants to play something good choose from this topic, and if want to play moneyservers will choose trash servers from Preview of Private servers list.
  13. [L2OFF] L2 ATHENA