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  1. www.es-l2.org the original, again and again the same with es-l2.net or eu, its already dead again.
  2. We glad to announce, 11 October [Main]Athena will be open the doors at 19:00 GMT +2 dont miss it!
  3. We glad to announce, 31May [2](Season)Athena will be open the doors at 19:00 GMT +2 dont miss it!
  4. Hello dear maxcheaters, we thinking to sell the project of eternal sin athena x45, with server pack,source and site everything, selling only 1 copy with the best offer, offers via pm only. Server running with l2jfrozen emulator and using features like advext64 to feel the game like a l2off extender. SERVER IS Online to test everything you want ingame. www.es-l2.org/index-1.php
  5. @SweeTs after the party , wants to play 1hr eternal sin to relax from drinks, but insane lag and died, after some seconds a message comes from @Tryskell [You like it? ddos gift from me because you are playing a server is not using acis files]
  6. Lineage II Eternal Sin Our Main developer of eternal sin have left because is in love, will be back when is ready again. But dont worry @SweeTs is here to manage and fix any issues of the server. You looking for a serius interlude server? here you are! join us now!
  7. Hello dears, Eternal sin new season is from 2 november already, and im looking clans cps to join in the server to make some new wars ingame and make fun with old and new players, every new clan will get a full top gear to prepare the battles. send me a message here or at zoumhs@hotmail.com
  8. Are you looking for a serius server? Here you are! omg lol cool! dont forget to tell our friends to join us now!
  9. Thanks dear Red-Hair-Shanks for our help, we have try to find a solution but we cant. anyone else?
  10. Looking for someone to complete the adapt i will pay ofcourse, because i dont know what happenig with Kara'
  11. Added at this one gamepsychology94 is correct?
  12. I dont have try to add it, i want someone to pay to get it ready.