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  1. Lineage II Eternal Sin - Athena x45Daily PvP & Raid Events Site: www.es-l2.org/index-1.php Join us now!
  2. Lineage II Eternal Sin - Athena x45Server is: LIVE Site: www.es-l2.org/index-1.php Join us now!
  3. send me your id and password teamviewer you help you.
  4. Very nice and stable project, if you looking for a good pvp server here you are!
  5. 12 days left until the grand open! Are you looking for a serious server? Eternal Sin is here to give you this chance!
  6. Complete this shit and than sell it like 1000-2000euros, if you love the game and you want to keep it alive and away from the kids. Anyway this one is nice for java emulators but like castle vs castle or like this shit game with name lol or leauge of legends map moba.
  7. Hell no, dont sell it. kids will kill lineage 2 game completely.
  8. Lineage II Eternal Sin world! Are you ready? Grand Open 2 november 19:00! the biggest battle gameplay is coming again! Dont miss it!
  9. Are you ready for the biggest epic battles again? Are you ready to feel the adventure? Be ready!!! Eternal sin open the doors 2 november!
  10. https://www.4shared.com/rar/zy6ErsZYca/L2-Excess__NOBACKDOOR_.html
  11. Hello everyone, today i found a old program to check the status of the servers its old from 2006. i would like to share it maybe someone likes it to use it. https://mega.nz/#!pcF11aKT!PCsFR-Rl07mxqQNlAqFiLH7w21TNamZIsDRlQUWN0gU I hope you like it.