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  1. OmG , tards ... if u want to destroy server , do it alone , and dont QQ bec some admin banned u , OMG ban OMG ban.. rly ..scary..
  2. mhmh i must try today;p i wish to work xd
  3. will u unhide this post...i want to see what u wanna tell me lol xd
  4. close this..its spam..and ppl will start hitting posts here saying "nope this dont work"
  5. for me...its ....... to simply to do xdd
  6. now i dont see what u wrote lol xd
  7. i mean on pvp server for ex rates 300 and small ppl population and u wont be teleported until there are 10 ppl registered on oly...good for new servers
  8. Mhmh on mine server not ;p And remeber dont accept pt bec someone can make ss
  9. I search but dont find..sry if posted already. When oly start just go register on your main then (if ofc u are alone registered or less then 10 ppl) delete old sub and make new sub if it work go fast lvl to 80 and go fight.Warning: u cant change sub after this and u cant cancel participation in oly. Just alt+ctrl+del and exit game by this ;p
  10. I search but dont find then i will post. Sry if posted;p On servers where is tvt event in coliseum and there is a buffer inside coli just create macro /target NameOfBuffer for ex. /target Shiela and spam this macro until buffer window will pop up and buff ;]
  11. anyone tried with lower CON?? For ex 57?
  12. sh1t...mine server buffer cant regen ;//