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  1. i am happy that my work (Even it is too minor) it helps somme ppl and sorry for ur ananswered questions i was sonme days away form the forum....
  2. opos leei k to title tha protina na valete enan neo "board" k ekei n mpoun ola ta guides... gia n ta vriskoun efkola oi neoi filoi mas... pistevo oti tha diefkoline tin zoi olon mas :)
  3. bassicaly i jsut run it today and everything was ok :P :P :P PS damn sry for double post... i by mistake pressed quote... i wanted to press modify :(
  4. problem solved... @ interpid no this wasnt the solution... PLZ lock this topic...
  5. i have one prob.. i downloaded l2j dp (with svn i compiled it by myself) but my prob is that when u log in the geme there are no skills.. i mean everything is ok but with no skills :P i tried adding a skill from gm panel but nothing hapen the only skill i could add was maste bless the body... P.S my gameserver panel (cmd) saying that the skills exist i mean where it says skill loaded=i can remember number i i mean that they exist and they are readable by cmd but not in game elf skill dwarves ..... P.S 2 i tried to recompile but nothing i tried to add the htmls from another p
  6. sry i was out for a while.. @t0p3a maybe u are using a a datapack with text command configuration at gameserver>config.. search those files i cant remember where it is (u know the ones with true/false u will find a line about buffs change the time from there) sry for my bad english
  7. thunks for ur good words guyz.. it just little hlp for u for the big hlp that u gave me..(i mean all mxc guyz)
  8. so u mean that making money from l2 is good??? or i understanded wrong?? anyway what everybody believe is his probl noone can change it so ok ok.. (and btw i love luffy)
  9. ok ok ... our server is running home made with quad core 3gh and 6gb ram our connection is on 24mbs so for now we are runnig good if moreppl come to our server we gonna transfer it to a server machine in germany... at anyone who flames... i dont begged anyone of u to play.. so do whatever u want.. i tried to make a server with rates and farming that i liked.. try it and if u like it then play.. if u dont... leave freely... @revenger u are correct maybe is waste of time... but first tell me... what in hell is l2??? for me and for the most ppl is just a game to pass their time... maybe
  10. OK!!! PROBLEMS FIXED LOG IN ASAP CU INGAME GUYZ.... sry for double post but now that the server is fixed its gone to the 3rd page so noone can see that server fixed.. so i double posting to keep it live....
  11. sry guyz.... a problem has occured so plz be patient.... we gonna fix as soon as possible but we are limited in hours cause work so we do our best OK!!! PROBLEMS FIXED LOG IN ASAP CU INGAME GUYZ....
  12. ok i think problem solved plz try again.... maybe check ur client u must have gracia final...
  13. i told you that we working to make aour server webpage so be patient we made ucoz page just to upload our patch so be patient!!!!
  14. yeah.... we are fixing our website so for now we are using ucoz....later we gonna transfer to a normal site so be patient...