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  1. this bow look as sword :P maybe u can modific that...
  2. men finally i resolved this problem here solution :D Good Luck... http://www.mediafire.com/?cv85a9dv132vjd4
  3. Great Work but... some link is off maybe update this post :(
  4. hi everybody, the question is: how i can make that npc Maximilian (Grand Magister o High Priest, whatever) when a player take subclass show all class a not only one as Maximilian add subclass --> Bishop, Prophet & Elemental Master, i want showme all class for not be put on npc for npc... sry for bad eng... ::)
  5. l2jserver net\sf\l2j\gameserver\instancemanager RaidBossSpawnManager.java GmListTable.broadcastMessageToGMs("Spawning Raid Boss " + raidboss.getName()); _bosses.put(bossId, raidboss); } _schedules.remove(bossId); add Announcements.getInstance().announceToAll("RaidBoss : " + raidboss.getName() + " has spawning!");
  6. error :S Error on: C:\L2JServer\L2JGameServer\data\scripts\custom\855_SubclassNpc\__init__.py.error.log Line: -1 - Column: -1 Traceback (innermost last): File "__init__.py", line 720, in ? TypeError: net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.quest.State(): expected 0 args; got 2
  7. L2J-Archid is only Interlude??? don't ext for gracia final o part 2???
  8. work for l2jserver??? i have error how apply patch!!!