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  1. I don't have any l2 server or any other shit to live inside a room with 1 pc. You have. Don't try to be smart no-lifer. You just show that this thing we call brain does not exist inside your head. :happyforever: I said I'm at work. Bye bye smart kiddo. xD
  2. This is my language. You don't like it? That's bad buddy, cause I'm not going to change. I don't give a shit about what are you talking about. xD I will suffer the consequences??? Oh shit bro. They will ban me? Oh no. How I will live. For God sake, show some mercy! :(( I won't die if I got ban here or something. You pmed me on a server's forum and now you lie, so I don't think you're more clever than me. You're more stupid than me and that's why I still here. xD But infortunately now is time to work again. :/ I have to go buddy. I give you 1 month till you close your server. (But maybe
  3. You think I care? I don't even play since long time ago. :) Gl with your fail server and with the nulled invision power which costs 80 euro per month. :not bad:
  4. I will give you some. 1st of all, demonas knows english! 2nd demonas is not a KID like you to put name "demonakos" with "TM". You are a kid. He is not. Btw. You have the rights from eglobal to use their brand name? If yes, I want to see proofs.
  5. He is from Thessaloniki... Is the same. :)
  6. No lag... Sorry. :( Btw. You know how many players camed from tales and eoa cause of the ddos you do? You do bad to you man. Not to us. We still here. Is time to understand that. Even your players hates you cause of your shits. That's really bad. Players choose where they will play. Since you still ddos, you make them wanna stay more here. This is what i see everyday. :) You have your players, roe have his players, so. Just stop it and let us in peace. But really I don't lag at all. :/
  7. Sorry is online. Kiss our balls now bulgarian kid.
  9. Den milaw gia ban. Poios to gamei to forum?
  10. Tha doume meta to report bad or no. Prin kaneis DDoS mathe ti einai. Exei gemisei o kosmos malakistiria san ki esena
  11. Tha fas kala esu perimene. Me auta ta ddos pou kaneis tous xaneis tous player sou alla dne to perneis xampari mpastarde Nomizeis oti me auto pou kaneis tha erthoune se sena? Ena arxidi tha pareis. Tous dineis enan akoma logo gia na MHN erthoune. ZWO.