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  1. Waiting for Beyond 6x freya server (opens 31.03)
  2. Not in all Servers.. :/ still waiting on Drop/spoil for Freya :( Thanks for your patch!
  3. Let the Fun Begin! Thank you very much ! :) P.s looking for a new low rate server
  4. same by me.. only a one shitty thing.. Hydra is Interlude and there are no Wolfs :( so.. Maybe someone knows a new low rate server, but with a newer chronicle ? (but not trinity 3x (Donate)) Thanks! :)
  5. waiting for a new low rate server :/ any suggestions?
  6. Maybe it's a really stupid question, but does L2net (or l2wallker) work in Global ?
  7. Hello, i have been trying to find a solution to my problem, but i haven't found anything. And my problem looks so: I am trying to configurate my bot to buy something from shop. The problem is, that it's a pvp server and walker cant see buy sections. Gm shop looks so: command "DLGSEL" doesn't work here. Please, help me to find out a solution :/
  8. .And should i extract no-gg in system dir? When no, i get GG error in game, when yes, i get this critical error: Who can share a backed System ?
  9. Hello. I was botting in one server, but admin has installed GG protection, and now i can't bot there with IG walker. Who can share a CT 2.2 system, which has no GG. I've tried many ways to kill it, but nothing helped.( I get message: "You will be kicked for illegal actions, GM informed" when i start auto combat or script) So please, someone share that system, it would be great. Thanks for attention. You are my last hope :/