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  1. IG 2.17d and 2.17j are working on pivate servers. You just need to find a bypass method. Search for it on google and you'll find it. Easiest way it's to edit the l2.ini on your system folder to connect to and then find a bypass program that redirects the ip of your server to your machine and authorices the walker.
  2. Hi, I'm using walker 2.17d on an XP machine; on a private server with a bypass method. I've been using it for a while now and notice a difference from when I used to play on Interlude servers with 1.x walkers. Almost everything I do triggers an ilegal action and a disconnection. I did set the policy both far and melee to 50000 (any other number instantly kicks me) and I can at least attack. But the bot seems... ... stupid :P it cannot see targets that are standing next to him, don't switch to other target after a while, then triggers an ilegal action. Party heal don't seem to work either,
  3. Well I've been trying to bot this server (l2hellion.com) for a while now, it's gracia part 2. So far I've succeded in logging in with my user but I get a crash after the server loggin. Mostly I used the steps from this guy: http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=40989.0 Only change I made is downloading the IG walker from another place since that link is broken, but it's same version and looks clean. Anyone succeded in boting a gracia 2 l2j server?
  4. most files does no longer appear to be valid, do you have other links? this is just what I was looking for! edit: actually only the IG and echo files are no longer available, all the others downloads ok. PS: 22 pages of pure spam
  5. I did a search in the forum for L2W IG 2.13 and this is the only thread that appears in the results. Do you have any link to it?
  6. Thanks but I'm looking for L2 Walker, I know how to make l2.net work in gracia but I don't like it.
  7. So many posts but I couldn't understand if there is or isn't a working L2W for private l2j servers running Gracia Part 2. Could someone point me in the right direction? It'll be appreciatted. thanks in advance.
  8. There was no need to create anything for renewal guys, L2W 1.79 it's working as you downloaded from this sites numerous times, just use l2asrv too, the host file, and delete fire.dll from /system so you don't get freezed.
  9. You don't need anything out of the ordinary to bot l2 renewal. I did it with just the l2asrv and the 1.79 walker with the hosts files. If you're getting frizzed after a couple of minutes just delete the "fire.dll" file from the system folder after you updated the client and you're done. Really a crappy move to avoid botting.
  10. I tried this new server yesterday (www.l2-renewal.net) and it doesn't use some launcher as protection. You run it from l2.exe in the system folder. So I opened the walker (I have the right hosts file and l2asrv opened) and selected to start that l2.exe. Game starts, I can login but in the server selection screen when I double click on the server or press enter it just stays there, nothing happens. This means that there's any protection server-side? how can I identify it or by pass it? has the l2.ini file something to do with it? Thanks anyone in advance ^_^ edit: em, lol, this is
  11. I agree with everything except buffers. There should be or if there aren't then buff should last a little longer, maybe 1 hour. So it's worth playing a buffer but no actually depending on them that much
  12. Damm, should have checked here before wasting one day there and making all buffers lvl 80
  13. I'll join, after seeing what happened in ethernal I'll rather join a server made by you so I'll know It'll keep working :P edit: Seriously, let me know if you open up a server, I can bring some ppl in; we're sick and tired of corruption in every damm server. It seems ppl start a server now just to let their friends in and overpower them so they can kick everyone elses ass. So... after seeing your... predispotion to fight corruption... I'll surely join in; just keep it fair, and keep it alive!
  14. IG 2.01 it's not working on private servers... at least not the one in that site
  15. Then post in the 1000+ threads that everyone should play fair... I don't see flaming those who created the threads in the development section where you thank them for files... the ppl that posts about depelopment it's the same ppl that posts exploits and hacks. If you don't like it then, please, limit yourself to the development section, any other off topic comment and you'll get reported.
  16. if you're playing a mid/high rate server then depending on which material it's more valuable in your server... I used to play l2mega and l2terror where iron ores and varnishes were more valuable than the other, so I farmed outside varka
  17. yes you can, I used to play with both IG and OOG, you just need to make the steps right. open OOG's and when you're opening IG don't forget to extract the hosts file again, or use the same bake ice client u opened to log the OOG's for logging with the IG. you gotta have the problem somewhere else, does IG and OOG work fine separately? I mean, can u open onbe or the other with no problems?
  18. lol to that. and no, u can't script walker to check for your CP, you have to find another condition that's scriptable and make it use cp pots...
  19. I think some mod should sticky a thread about IG and OOG walkers working in gracia. I just downloaded the client and did a search and there's 5 or 6 topics, everyone 80% spam, or no confirmation that the bot posted is working. In one post says you gotta change the set.ini in another one the maps, in another one the hosts... Let's just make a sticky about it for both newcommers and those who are already here could find it faster (there's a sticky about botting an interlude client with BK so...) So... is there any walker working?
  20. try the pack zoooom uploaded, it's dlvl in oren I think (by adlerbr) http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=25606.0
  21. That I can't play fair? And what is he doing in a the Bot's section of l2 then? learning how to hack the microwave? Freaking noobs, they should pass a test or something when registering.
  22. Well I been having this problem ever since C4. I'm trying different servers with different thrones, the one I installed first after my last format was hellbound, and now I tried to install kamael, but the setup says I can't "update" to a previous version without first unnistaling what I have. But I want both. I tried to change the folder name cause it still was the default "Lineage II" but it's the same thing. That seems to work if you're going from and older to a newer version... it worked for me when I had interlude installed and I downloaded hellbound, just changed the folder name from "L