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  1. Looks a nice server rly! How about the current population??
  2. Re pedia kserei kaneis kamia selida na mporoume na katevazoume kanena elliniko tragoudaki tzampa? Iksera gia to greek-fun alla to kleisan! Ksereis kaneis kamia allh????
  3. Read first post...server is not opened yet.Beta is going online in 2-3 days.
  4. See here! There is already posted this server. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=75903.0
  5. omg i cant understand that...baning a whole country because of 2 or 3 noobs its so stupid action..
  6. nice but greek players cant connect....:( now with wipe is any chance to play there? Or is there any trick to play??
  7. It cant be my internet connexion cause i can connect on other servers...and server is not offline bacause i press refresh and its online normal...Now i have done format my pc cause of a virus and now i dont have this problem...i hope dont get this error again in future!
  8. Hey guys when i try to connect on some servers i get this error: Server connection timed out I dont get this error on all servers.I just press connect and then it loads and when it say Parsing game info... There it stuck!!!! It dont do anything,but after some minutes its drop me and say at console Server connection timed out. Before some days i didnt have this problem and i could connect on all servers without any problem...Help me please..i wanna play on my favorite server!
  9. Mine! http://ultranexus.mybrute.com
  10. Δωστε μου ενα λεπτο να ξανα κανω την εγκατασταση και θα ποσταρω την αναφορα... EDIT: Οριστε η αναφορα του σφαλματος
  11. Παιδια προσπαθω να κανω install το .net framework 3.5 επειδη χρειαζεται για να παιξει ενα παιχνιδι που κατεβασα αλλα καθε φορα που τελιωνει την εγκατασταση με βγαζει ενα σφαλμα (δειτε στην παρακατω εικονα).Το install το κατεβασα απο την ιστοσελιδα της microsoft.Εχω windows xp και εχω ιδη εγκαταστημενα τα framework 1.1 και 2.0. Τι πρεπει να κανω??? Help!
  12. oxi :D eleos... Se exei gamisei pote agelada?
  13. i'll join for sure,i waiting long time for this fresh start but it suposed to open server today at 4pm but its still off.Now forum dont work :/ EDIT: Ok now i can get it forum