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  1. If any1 here want a L2PTS OFFICIAL files pre configured for a mid rate server , craft shop at b grade just speak with me i can help. my email: springer_77@hotmail.com
  2. Im looking for a dev for L2OFF contact me : springer_77@hotmail.com
  3. Hello, im want to buy a l2off server files , for a project add me on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/iAurelioSilva
  4. Hello some1 have cheats for CS:GO steam? add me on facebook : Aurelio Silva we can speak there
  5. Hello , if someone help me with l2j files free. I want test in my PC l2j server. maybe later i buy a good files l2j. At the moment i just want test. Regards Smorly
  6. server DIE AGAIN! we want OLD deathwhisper,with AUTO EVENTS ETC.... NEW DEATHWHISPER -->MORE LAG/MORE BUGS/we can use L2NET/GM ALWAYS OFF!!!we cant play in SIEGE fuking lagged server! RXX CLOSE THA FUKING SERVER AND GO FARM! OR CHANGE SERVER NAME WWW.L2DeathLag.com
  7. LS rate is to high 70% put it retail man,its my opnion
  8. Omg .Cmon Frank 80%of l2DW community want wipe,and you know server die! a lot clans wait for your decision so Think it fast!
  9. ya and we will join too... eLemenT clan we will pwn it again :P