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  1. actually I had the admin account, I created also another account for testing, but I have 9999 of ping after login. So still not running
  2. windows 10? I faced the task manager issue as well
  3. Yes I'm trying from the same computer Ok I'll try to open UDP instead of TCP, or should I open both for in/out rules? No changes I tried both logins, same result as the described one :(
  4. I just had TCP IN, gonna set the out too as well Edited: Nothing changed I don't wanna make this post full of my comments, so I post this to keep on my issue
  5. error on both, even though I have the rule for them it says they are not responding :S
  6. Hi there! I have started to set up an Interlude Server. Everything looks fine. But when I try to log into the server, nothing happens. Not even system error or anything like that. I'm using the default account: root/root Something I discovered was using another login, hAuthD instead of the L2AuthD When I tried to log in with the credentials well written it says, "Error in function 'CheckUser' #0, if I write them wrong it says it failed. Why I had no messages in L2AuthD? Why I had this issues in hAuthD?
  7. I think I have a protocol issue, cause when I try to log in using the root/root nothing happens. Not a single error, just nothing happens. Server and everything looks fine, version 746 for IL
  8. anyone alive? I set up everything but still not working in locale, someone can help me? :D
  9. anything new here? I have the same problem
  10. Hi there, I'm a Spanish developer working on Japan. I played many years ago to Lineage for more than 5 years till I started to play LOL. I also created a L2J server not so popular, just around 100-200 ppl. This time I came here to try to create a L2OFF interlude server. I'm totally newbie, but I'll give my best gathering a lot of info for my purpose. Thank you all for your time
  11. thanks guys I sent him a pm cause he is the owner, but anyway, thank you