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  1. Tateossian quest script anyone has for l2walker pls!!!
  2. kito

    Help key

    BUY adrenaline key
  3. im trying to play in server l2best.ru, but i get this error !
  4. Hello I'm looking for l2adrenaline key for l2iphoenix any provider?
  5. La interfaz no funciona en este servidor. www.l2iphoenix.com ayuda por favor
  6. The interfaz doesnt works in this server. www.l2iphonix.com
  7. I need a bot that works in interlude with smartguard protection
  8. Hi . I do not recommend this guy, faken (WWW.L2SOFT.EU). I bought a key and it did not work and it did not give me good support
  9. Hi . I recommend you do not buy with faken (WWW.L2SOFT.EU). I bought a key and it did not work and it did not give me good support
  10. http://www.4shared.com/rar/nOcOW8w7/L2Walker_219_FOR__God.html?
  11. http://www.4shared.com/file/Lt8zNmI9/L2_frintezza_by_Navicat_April_.html?
  12. Clockman or Tilemachos can you help me with your wisdom for running l2tower or navicat in the server www.l2phoenix.xom, i need from your hands to run the bot in the server please... thx for your time