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  1. I just bought the key and downloaded the site https://forum.lineage2bot.com/index.php?sid=756561ef2e91deb9f816afad992a40eb
  2. I'm having a problem the adrenaline closes when I open the lineage. Can someone help me please. 4x classic dex server I hope someone can help me
  3. I would like to buy the adrenaline to play the classic more this is difficult to find has this site forum.lineage2bot.com more I could not talk to them somebody could help me and with form of payment via paypal please.
  4. selling 2 accounts. 1 level 40 spellhowler 1 level 33 shilen oracle. 1 set of jewels grad d 1 set grad c karmian 1 weapon grad d + 120 coins of donation + 9 days of premiun account. Brazil vendendo 2 contas. 1 level 40 spellhowler 1 level 33 shilen oracle . 1 set de joias grad d 1 set grad c karmian 1 weapon grad d + 120 moedas de doacao + 9 dias de conta premiun negotiable (negociável) price $ 30 eur or $ 120 Real (Brazil) Pagamento (Payment) PayPal or PagSeguro Skype Ewerton.fabiano ou whatssap +55 31 99937
  5. Friend could help? i can not correct the error in npcgrup
  6. I would like to be able to put in my project these differentiated skills in my project the friend of the forum does not respond. Can someone help me .. I would like to have the complete package of skills. Even I can buy