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  1. Hello MXC! I would like some help guys , there is that error (pic attached) where when a Raidboss is trying to spawn the gameserver says ATTENTION: no region found for location (x) , (y) , (z).. etc.. it is not possible to spawn object (x..) here. This happens only on RaidBosses(all) that exist in (sql) raidboss_spawnlist. I am currently trying to add a custom raidboss. I have even added a new Cuboid raidboss zone in zones.xml file but no luck. Any ideas?? GameServer Error: ( Thanks in advance,
  2. Good evening! I would like some help in some common l2j Interlude bugs if possible. Firstly, (Screenshot link there is a bug that when you run and shoot (constantly clicking to move +attack) the animation freezes and you are running but at the same time delivering damage to the target. Secondly, when you are a Grand khavatari and trying to increase Force , if you have over than 20+buffs the Increase Force buff gets stuck at lvl1 while you can't even use skills that require 1 Force.(Less than 20 buffs is operational and goes up till lvl8) Thanks in advance Forum,
  3. Unfortunately when you run and shoot with Archer (even with 500 atkspd) it gets buggy. Any fix? Also there was one time when a buff dissapeared and my life dropped to 5000/0 for 2-3 secs(weird). When you are trying to use force skill with Tyrant it gets stuck at lvl1 if you have 20+ buffs..