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  1. Hello, is there any working link for Pawnviewer for Interlude chronicle? I tried my best to search around for it but sadly I had no luck finding it. (Just found it, lol...) Topic may be locked.
  2. Check in your Navicat in spawnlist table, there should be all the spawned mobs with their cords.
  3. Thank you brat, the question is answered by @Rootware topic can be locked. If you have some free time consider to message me about how the ID's are triggering from actionname-e.dat and where should I create a new trigger ID for a custom function, either way thanks for answering the actual question! :)
  4. Hello, I apologise in advance if I'm in wrong section but I wasn't sure if It's client or server side the thing that I'm looking for. I'm trying to figure out if It's possible to create a new action button specifically for Interlude chronicle, any kind of information / help is apprecieted. (with action button I mean the buttons in ALT+C, /trade, /invite etc) [EXAMPLE]
  5. Thanks for the information, may you know how exactly they were earning this?
  6. Hello everyone, I've seen that the newest chronicles have a feature with character names that I can't find it anywhere. May someone help me out with it? I wanna locate it where the code for this is hidding and if someone knows how exactly they earning this it will also help me. https://i.imgur.com/27FysPz.jpg
  7. I can help you if you are still interested, let me know. @metaxasgr