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  1. Και να υπαρχει με το "τζαμπε" bot το μπαν σε περιμενει γρηγορα..
  2. Αν θελεις μπορω να σου στειλω τα δικα μου sets για summoner.στειλε μηνυμα.
  3. google translate guarantee
  4. i think it's impossible to do that..
  5. H5 for sure. Different arena's talisman and much more..you have to use all your fingers to play oly at h5 client.
  6. https://adrenalinebot.com/en/ I am buying from here.at few seconds they send (automatically) e mail with your key.
  7. Just explain us what you wanna do..u need tips for oly tips for pvp tips for pve???
  8. Because server block any botting program..this is why