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  1. 2020 and saga devs/admin want ppl to spend time lvling wtf. I saw a twitch's recording of a dude exping no stop for 4hrs just to get lvl79 and i felt rly sorry for him. Imagine killing the same mobs for 10 years all over again. I see devs with files but 0 innovation.
  2. Sorry for the late answer. Yes, maybe is that old players are gone. I keep my hopes that copyleft will come back with l2skirmish. Thanks for the server, i will check it out
  3. Olympiad games require skill and are a good source of fun. The community is lacking this kind of server that is very attractive. There is no olympiad server. Why? Is someone interested on starting such project? H5 is great for olympiad. Would be awesome to play oly on GoD+ chronicles too.