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  1. Im looking for someone if they can help me with vote reward and shift click on mob's to show drop list. We are hiring too if someone knows and can me it fast.
  2. Hello i have one problem with my max level . For now i'ts 80 level and i want to max it at 85 how i can change it? And also how i can edit .class file so i can add things and im using l2j frozen
  3. Hello first of all i have one problem with my server that i open again The problem is : When i change class no mater what all the server get lag and stuck for some seconds ,i dont know why.. Im using L2J May someone know why and how i can fix it?
  4. Hey guys can anyone help me to create a website online ? I have some php files for l2 and everything but i dont know from where i have to start and to make it online