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  1. please show more info about Vipx64.ini or share this file. thanks!!!
  2. Please. How to fix cracked vang files? Char does not gain item when creating new char. And it's kick the server.
  3. Not find System Patch Compatible. Help Please!!! 2 error on start server. 1- the l2server.exe of the update4 not load 2- mensaje of image. solution please!!!
  4. Please Fix for Windows 10. Client not load... error engine.dll ​"O Patch não é compatível com Windows 10"
  5. [Hidden post: You need 100 posts or become a Donator or Platinum Member to see it. You currently have ... hummm im down
  6. All the players need the walker kosglad server OGG. Please help us to set it the KOSGLAD uses BakeICE