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  1. Yes, but not the custom one I didn't find them, just the retails I want to use. That's the point. Using the Ona Latest BTW.
  2. Hey guys, i want to change the party icons to retail, I'm using a interface that is shared here, but it has custom party icons and I want to change them to retail ones, someone can help me ?
  3. there is news about any way to edit the skillgrp on classic 2.5 ?
  4. thank you! i need to edit every DeathAnimName[n]= DeathWaitAnimName[n]= DeathStandAnimName[n]= correct?
  5. As u can see in the video, as the characters are dying there's no death animation as usual, they just drop to the ground instantly. How can i edit some files to look exactly the same? Someone can help, please reply. Thanks.