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  1. I'm glad you have found, unfortunately this custom system is tied to rpg-club. Won`t works in other servers :(
  2. Sorry for necro'ing the thread but could you update the broken links if possible? Thanks!
  3. I found some yt videos in russian teaching how to edit interface but besides the language barrier I could not visually find what need to be done to implement these features. I found an server H5 that have the dmg on screen classic/god+ style so I pasted their files on my system but it didn`t work. Anyway I appreciate your initiative to try to help me. If anyone else knows how to do it or have the files ready and would like to share with us, everything is welcome.
  4. Hi everyone! I tried to find guides to learn how to implement damage on screen and the casting skill bar (classic/god+ style) on Hi5 client have it but I haven`t found a guide nor informations that could lead me to do it by myself. I know people already did it and shared it but it was for Interlude client so I wonder if anyone could teach how to do it sharing the knowledge or if anyone already have it done and want to share with the community I am sure everybody would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  5. PosCode : LS1(268) 0:0:0 4/1 [612] General protection fault! History: UObject::execStructMember <- (InventoryWnd Transient.InventoryWnd @ Function Interface.UICommonAPI.ParamToItemInfo : 09B6) <- UUIEventManager::execParseInt <- UObject::ProcessEvent <- (InventoryWnd Transient.InventoryWnd, Function Interface.InventoryWnd.OnEvent) <- XMLUIManager::ExecuteUIEvent <- ID:2600, param:classID=57 name=Adena iconName=icon.etc_adena_i00 itemType=4 serverID=268763053 itemNum=189778533 slotBitType=0 enchanted=0 blessed=0 damaged=0 equipped=0 price=0 reserved=-1 reserved64=0 defaultPrice=0 refineryOp1=0 refineryOp2=0 currentDurability=-1 currentPeriod=-9999 enchantOption1=0 enchantOption2=0 enchantOption3=0 relatedQuestCnt=0 weight=0 materialType=3 durability=-1 crystalType=0 consumeType=3 ItemSubType=0 AttackAttributeType=-2 AttackAttributeValue=0 DefenseAttributeValueFire=0 DefenseAttributeValueWater=0 DefenseAttributeValueWind=0 DefenseAttributeValueEarth=0 DefenseAttributeValueHoly=0 DefenseAttributeValueUnholy=0 IsBRPremium=0 BR_CurrentEnergy=-1 BR_MaxEnergy=-1 Order=0 <- NConsoleWnd::AddInventoryItem <- ItemListPacket <- UNetworkHandler::Tick <- Function Name=ItemListPacket <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop I`m getting this error, someone knows how to solve it? :)
  6. I`m looking for an interface that works so i`ll check it out. Thanks for sharing at no cost.