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  1. Oh great! It becomes even more amazing! The autofarm helper would benefit from the same AI of the AutoBOT, but would be used for your own character! Really great! That togheter with personal assistant would be the most incredible features of the engine. This is becoming more and more interesting
  2. great work! I would suggest implement party on the bot side, so it can accept party invitation, from any player, and assist the party leader. It would be great to have a healer with you somewhere or a party where it is harder to go alone. The ideia would be the Autobot follow you wherever you go, walking or being teleported if get an ordinary gatekeeper. That would be amazing.
  3. Thank you for answering. How I made it? Well, I got a patch for Offline traders somewhere but when applying the patch in aCis, it usually comes some mismatches. I corrected those mismatches and it works fine in almost everything. Almost! When I mount a private store and exit the game the offline trade works. The char continues on the game with the private store. And it is also stored in the database. So when I restart the server, the private store comes back. So far so good... the problem is: when I try to reconnect to the game again with the same account it keeps telling account in use and d
  4. Hello. I have a problem that I would like to ask for help: how to add gameClient to a restored offline shop character when the server is restarted? I added offline traders shop/craft on my ACiS l2j but I have a situation: If I don't add a client for the char I won't be able to login again, since it can not be kicked when trying to login (it keeps sending the message account is in use). If I try to add, it gives an nullpointerexception and the char is not loaded with it's private store/craft to the game. Here is the exception: May 09, 2020 12:48:50 PM net.sf.l2j.gam
  5. what a pity! Anyway many thanks for the older version. Still helps
  6. this mod is amazing. It brings many possibilities... any updates? The last version on github is too old will you share your new version?
  7. wow, very nice share. I will implement it right way
  8. any chance of releasing the new fake player mod? This is incredible piece of work. I would be very greatful. Thanks