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  1. hey! im in a new server discord wich I played in the past but hes opening classic and players talk about this guys beeing greedy as fuck and corrupted as fuck. i can't proof anything but based on rumors they are owners of hopzone and own projects wich they re-open everymonth with even same template and just different name and sell items+10 and just reopen with new name.... since they dont need to build a name becuz they own hopzone and just redirect traffic to new projects casuality? lol. as far as I know they own l2lionna, l2arrion,l2zaken, l2destiny, l2era and lot of mo
  2. I'm trying to change the expertise so people can't wear B grade till 61 - on skilldata.txt - Restart server but dont work any idea? Maybe I need to change some client side file?
  3. Hello I'm running first time L2OFF server and I have some questions; Cursed weapons How do I turn off/on cursed weapons to drop or not on my server (akamanah, etc) Seven Sings Example open server 1 april. Want first week to be free to join and no seal stone drop. Want next week to start 1st period of seal stones. After that want it to switch automaclty Olympiad How to turn olympiad on/off at specific date and time. Because I turn on.. but I can't talk to NPC when I do there is no dialog poping up. I dunno what I do wrong. Epic Boss Spawn I go to NPCPOS
  4. Hello all, I'm trying to create a server just to test in my computer. And I did run it without any problem. Now I'm trying to set some configurations such as Castle Sieges; First I've tryed to writte this in-game (with superadmin rights) //set_siege 1 2019 3 15 20 00 (Gludio castle) I've reload chaeD and restart the server and nothing changed. Second try i've Opened script\castledata.txt [Gludio Castle] 1 Edit the line of : next_siege= next_siege=2019/3/15/20/00 Restarted server. And still nothing changed When I go to the NPC in-game it s