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  1. WTS 25kk adena package on L2 Valhalla remastered x3, price 35euro (which gives 1,5kk=1euro with 2,5 euro discount), pm here or skype: walas479
  2. WTS account WC lvl 64 with perma club card + Premium account for 15 days, karmian set, c jewels and top autoloot belt, legendary cloak, pm here or skype: walas479 If you wish I can sell naked. sold WTS adena package 50kk = 30 euro
  3. and? how does it change the fact that it's an advantage WHEN working? learn to express yourself better in english
  4. ?? ofc they do give advantages, auto cp + auto gsap/haste + ignore aggresion is not an advantage?
  5. Hi, Ive made some editing in my skillgrp Interlude client and changed the debuffs to buffs in order to see the timer but then when I look at my party member debuffs I dont see them, they appear in the buffs instead and it kinds fucks it up for me when I switch to play bishop for example, is there any way to make it look like it's supposed to be in the debuffs row of my party members but still have the debuff timer on myself?