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  1. Paranoid boy....... I have an older account wich i dont remember the email pass because is old, your first argument is you stalking my account and posts, very strong argument..... I've chose to coment this "complain" because is obvious you are not in the right to demand service 1st then pay, and after all this you make complain lul. P. S: your logic is old accounts are the only ones that are right? That means if my account is from 2009 i can always be right.....
  2. i dont wanna defend anyone but on all payed services you pay upfront, looks like you taking advantage from someone that didnt tell you in a conversation about you payng 1st even when it was very obvious you shoulded. I have never heard in my life someone to expect work from devs and after they "pay"
  3. I’v been looking for one to work there as well.If anyone can help me i would apreciate it.