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  1. There is a reason to do it in my case. I want to convert some Grand Cruasade GEO back to L2J format. That is why i am asking.
  2. Hello! I would like to know if there is any proper way to convert Geodata L2D format to L2J ?
  3. I don't have any intentions to talk to you guys. You are a rat army, liars and so on. 80% of this community are using shared packs. People who contribute on it and restore those shared packs for their own needs is a big work and time consuming. If you still don't understand it so please just move back into your cave and talk bullshits to each other not to me. I don't care about xDem or you. Yes i had some support from him 2 years ago and it is not a bad thing to ask someone for a help when you don't understand. Yeah i am doing all kind of servers because as i mentioned i was doing those server for fun to enjoy within small community. I am not a money hunter and doesn't care about it at all. Also let me to open your eyes a bit. I didn't download files from L2jBrasil :) i have my own place where i can get files when i need. All what you can is just to talk a shit nothing else. What are you trying to do by posting here my Facebook address ? :D You are so funny man. Respect yourself! My childhood was good enough, that is why i am not with full of hatred against to others like you :D