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  1. Hello i would like to award a project , creating a website for a l2 server I nee 1. Site construction 2. VOte system 3. Account manager 4. Pay Via Web Previous works and speed is gonna award you the project fast! Thank you in advance
  2. Looking for a DEV - gaming platform project & l2 experience 2 years contract
  3. Hello i am looking for a dev who has time and wants to work in L2 projects and in other games - servers. Send me a reply so we can talk specifics. 2 years contract
  4. The servver is fantastic :D , first time i see a private server with 0 PROBLEMS
  5. Tbh i prefer Hi5 but Yes , epilogue and indelude are COOL ! Vlad seems serius ! i will try it
  6. So you ignore donates because you have sponsors - adds etc . Sounds cool :D
  7. Sounds Cool ok ! Are you sure its no donate ?
  8. A server full of Greeks or International ?