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  1. in my opinion it is since its much cleaner and easier to add anything you want without getting any specific errors if u are familiar with the pack itself..
  2. actually those are some copied files of xavius (and when i say copy i mean leached or just a copycat) and not the source actually but thanks eitherway for ur try,.. Anyone having the source files?
  3. Hey guys what im looking for is the source files of xavius... i dont want to see any negative COMMENT about my request since this is for a personal testing and idea inspiring(stealing :P) cause there are quite a good things in it ! Thanks in Advance!
  4. way wrong.. even when talking about costum servers acis for now atleast is a better choice much more stable and since frozen wasnt around the last year it still needs a lot of work to catch up with acis.. acis (for now atleast) is more stable and more friendly to the user! I suggest you start working with aCis free Source rev !
  5. So guys i started working on some sources i found online and i get this error every time i try to open the gameserver Any idea whats the problem? i see the lines it indicates but no error inside the files as shown in eclipse!
  6. really amazing honestly!
  7. wow dude honestly thanks.. a really good guide and properly explained.. many thanks m8
  8. i didnt ask for the whole code though :P i just asked for directions.. i need some experience i just deleted everything and im working everything i want from scratch :P
  9. thanks about that ... though i would like to put it in config !
  10. if u need a simple installation just pm me or give me ur skype and i would gladly help u
  11. Hey guys again i believe u are bored of me asking but i would like some help.. how could i code a costum subclass starting level? where do i need to look? what to do ? what to change... thanks in advance, vangon
  12. true enough worked with the import.. thank you
  13. well tried it it gave me an error for experience... no error let me test and edit the post afterwork if worked or not! EDIT: Thanks a lot Reborn it works quite well.. no problems/erorrs... Thanks (LOCK TOPIC PLZ)
  14. hello andreid i would like to inform you that its the host currently in fault cause of some problems.. we will notify you all again in this post when the website is up again!