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  1. no i would like ALL scrolls enchant all the armors/weapons/jewels till 16 except the specific armor/weapon/jewels i want to be enchanted until 25
  2. Hello guys i would like some help with one creating a code for max enchanting on aCis .. I would like some weapons/armors/jewels have max enchant 16 and some others have 25.. how can i make that?
  3. in my opinion it is since its much cleaner and easier to add anything you want without getting any specific errors if u are familiar with the pack itself..
  4. actually those are some copied files of xavius (and when i say copy i mean leached or just a copycat) and not the source actually but thanks eitherway for ur try,.. Anyone having the source files?
  5. Hey guys what im looking for is the source files of xavius... i dont want to see any negative COMMENT about my request since this is for a personal testing and idea inspiring(stealing :P) cause there are quite a good things in it ! Thanks in Advance!
  6. way wrong.. even when talking about costum servers acis for now atleast is a better choice much more stable and since frozen wasnt around the last year it still needs a lot of work to catch up with acis.. acis (for now atleast) is more stable and more friendly to the user! I suggest you start working with aCis free Source rev !
  7. So guys i started working on some sources i found online and i get this error every time i try to open the gameserver Any idea whats the problem? i see the lines it indicates but no error inside the files as shown in eclipse!