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    L2Gold addict,facebook group of clan:Ultras if looking clan

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  1. i am not even scammer i didnt call you like that,how i can check my connection
  2. no i dont,i wanna help peoples who want dedicated server on me,i will be like spectator on the server,i dont even know to setup server on pc btw,u have bad mind for noone reason
  3. who want open server on my pc,my specs is 3,6 ghz ryzen 4 cores,8 logical processors 8gb ram 2 hard discs main is ssd 110 gb and the second 1 TB HDD,card graphics is 8 gb ram i cant give more infos u can check with teamviewer about connection dont know how to tell you the bandwith for more info for partners,who developer looking me can pm me on maxcheaters or on skype midenistis1, to do tests on server if can handle and more! i waiting about partners i will be only the machine
  4. Clan Name ULTRAS Hi All, I'm from greece,my main Class much years is Tank mostly,i play and songer and much others! I will be recruting new players who will be active 5 hours per day and more,we play c4/c6 chronicles! midrate server's! Speak Idealy Main languange English/greece/other, IDEALY English !! Write / Speak 100%. You can contact me here on skype:Midenistis1,or Raidcall info:14319443 must send invitation to accept you as member,or pm me on Maxcheaters I invite every one who wants competition to play PVP,Raidboss/Sieges mostly on Server's Idealy 16 years
  5. re aderfe ama den goustareis,den xreiazetai na kaneis spam,opoios mporei kai thelei!ty
  6. Poios kserei na mou anoiksei enan server interlude me pack diko tou free for fun na dw ston upologisth opoios mporei kai exei to kouragio pm me ty!
  7. i am not spammer,why i am not spammer because i suggest you the server to log is the last gold that alive! and all they moved already there!
  8. https://www.l2g-hybrid.net/ Waiting you there to share your fear to all of them,lets have action between of us see you there! is the last gold alive from all of this corrupts server! ;)
  9. When server will do Grand Opening? Waiting to start to play Boredd like this noone server is genuine full corruption,waiting to answer thank you!