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  1. Nice touch, been looking for something like this for a long time, however there are few things that needs a bit of rework... 1. The skillbars texture is not applying when you deploy the 4th and 5th bar. 2. The target layout for some reason is transparent which might lead to a bit of confusion onto the heat of pvp. 3. The options icons at the botton right of the screen seems to not be like the picture you've uploaded. It might aswell be myself making some mistake when setting the interface, but i doubt it. i'd appreciate a reply to this issue...
  2. Is there anyway to reduce the size from name/titles fonts used by the game?, i've seen when ppl play at higher resolutions such as 2k or 4k the letters looks smaller and more pleasing to the eye, is there any chance to reduce it's size while playing at 1080p?, if i'd have to pick a guess, i'd say l2font-e.utx is related to this but i've no idea how to edit it, if it's possible can anyone edit 1 so i can test it?
  3. You know what could be a good feature never seen before, full interface size adjustment, including, party layout, skill bars, exp bar at the botton, target, user layout, just everything, to make it smaller...
  4. Could you tell me which files are responsible for the classics numbers poping up on screen? and what should i do to use it in a clean interface (retail like)?
  5. My request is for personal use (not server hosting project), so i don't see how this work would be wasted, i've also seen people create tons of animations and customize them in minutes, it shouldn't be hard at all if you have the knowledge, that's why i'm asking here...
  6. Hi there, i'm looking for someone who knows how to edit the animations from Skill.usk, i've seen many players like to use the "Renewal/Champion song animation" to replace bishop's "major group heals", but i noticed this one takes away a big chunk of screen if there are many bps spamming it, even more in close areas where you can't increase the camera view distance due having a roof on top (zaken halls, queen ant cave, etc), so i was wondering if it would be possible to edit that specific animation (renewal/champion song) and just leave the light beam, taking off the bulky animation in the midd
  7. Yo Iordanov, i have a little question/kind of request for you, if you have a little time to spare ofc, would it be possible for you to make "Sublimity Interface" from last server to be usable in other servers?, nothing fancy, just the interface itself with the cool Classic fonts poping up in the screen...
  8. Yea, im sitting at very high fps aswell, that's what i meant, i've tried to explain that even at very high fps the camera movement seems odd, not as smooth as other interfaces... Regarding this interface, would you be posting the version with the auto buff-pots in the future?. Thx for your reply btw...
  9. Is there any reason why this interface and elfen's v5 seems to run a lot more smooth than your interface Iordanov?, i mean your interface has excellent features but seems to work not that good, i mean even at very high fps i can feel this one working a lot better, idk how to explain it, but just seem more smooth when you move the camera, and also at massive pvps... Edit: you're missing the auto buff potion in this interface, that's a major feature...
  10. Hi there again, i tried but so far no luck, the stuttering im talking about is not noticeable unless you are in a massive pvp or farming with many mobs around, it only happens with this latest patch you shared, for some reason it does not happen with Iordanov's interface, what could be the reason?, seems like you're using the same files, except the Interface.u and .xdat, so i don't get it, am i missing something? any file from systextures or something that could be causing this issue?
  11. Hi there again, im back to you to report an issue i've had with the latest interface you tweaked (Iordanov's with clean target/player/chat layouts), im not sure if it's only me, or maybe it's because im using a different skillgrp or skill.usk, but for some reason im getting a lot of stuttering while using skills, or if i have enemies/allies using skills around me, it's weird tho, because im sitting at high fps but still getting these freezing which last like 0.01 sec each time a skill is casted, do you know what could be the reason? Note: that issue seems to be present only when i