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  1. In fact no one don't know programming on normal level in l2 community. But when someone stop from selling shit and buy this shit?I'm proposed solution to easy developing . If someone want make better ai or bot? why not? If it is better solution than others One or more people will be interested. Your opinion is not an axiom, but only your opinion.
  2. Dont know don`t exists full compiler standard ai.obj byte code not optimized Every existing compiler don`t support HLL abstraction, only: for, while, switch standard statements. Can`t allocate some custom object or structure Problem with variables local and globals Problem with adding extra native method or events Can`t add inner methods ... etc so on and so on
  3. Hello everyone. On current moment i`m develope new script engine for PTS server. Attach mono engine to the L2NPC server MakerScript example Allowed using old and new script engine. Profit: Using .net frameworks Easy developing. Using any program language supported mono. Easy adding new features add new methods add new fields add new script events (for some need extend l2server) Better performance. Mono support JIT compilation. Now i`m testing technology on PTS C4, after will be add support for GF. In future will be work not only on l2npc. Planning for sell I will listen to any suggestions
  4. Selling extend for PTS server. Speed up loading full loading L2Server + L2Npc ~1-2 min Start up application ~1 min Show all npc after start ~30 sec. 25 USD Contact: PM Payment: WebMoney, Payoneer
  5. Version 0.1 Support only interlude version For using need java version 1.8 Properties( xdat.original=target/interface.xdat Source of decompilation(from xdat to xml files) xdat.src = target/xml folder where creating decompile xml files. = C:/Games/Interlude/system/interface.xdat Target of compilation from xml files to xdat. How to use Archive contains two bat files compile.bat and decompile.bat. compile.bat - compile from xml files to xdat decompile.bat - decompile from xdat to xml files Recommendation for use: Use client folder for compilation, after compile, use ingame command ///reloadui(needs admin rights) Sample url
  6. Why older version not 0.9? Save page num in shortcut menu, when restarting. Shortcut panel x10. Try implement context menu for version 1.0: