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  1. Well, that looks pretty realistic. Thats what I found. As you can see the WHOIS data seems to match INNOVA's details. There are some missmatches tho. I wouldn't easily call that a fake one. Perhaps someone else could also add some info.
  2. Well I do use a protection like that but these can only block bot programs like free adrenaline etc. They don't block command based bots like Farm Bot. Thats why I am asking.
  3. Hello, does anyone know how could I block /target /nexttarget /assist. From my own search I found out that in all these commands (client packets) send the same opcode. The problem is that the same opcode is sent by targeting with click which I obviously don't want to block. So the problem comes down to how to distinguish click-targeting from command-targeting. Note: I need this to block clickers (l2farm bot etc.) from farm zones. L2J, Gracia Final