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  1. paidia 8elo to ingame gia Dragon network . 8elo na me help giati alaksa windows
  2. Geia se olous Alaksa leitourgiko , xreiazomai ingame gia dragon network . fisika oxi ios. ean exete kai ta script gia hb q eimai 8eos
  3. hello i am from greece and i have greek windows seven when the programs start it doesn;t support the greek language and it shows my all the words as ????????????????????? any help for this ?
  4. Prepei ontos gia ginei kati gia ton Abyss exo 10 account me 3rc class kai den mporo na botaro poia . Ase pou exoun skistei ekei mesa oi Donators kai ta opla den anebainoun me tpt. Otan eixa spasei 4 som sinexomena gia +5 tote to paratisa!!!
  5. I have a question . i have heard that if you lvl down your char also your skill dlvl more than 7 lvls of difference. Also if you make this thing that your are say you will need all the time to dlvl your chars. I play on D-network x30 it is usefull ??
  6. the thing is that all poeple opened a conversation out of the topic. I want to know where i can raise a Soul crystal at lvl 11 and who can i achive it without get caught with my Bots .