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  1. den to epaiksa pote pro developer gia na me thikseis legontas mou auto, opote apla stin karapoutsaklara mou. to asteio einai oti den xreiazetai na pw kati na se "geliopoihsw" giati geliopoihsai apo monos su lawl ;p opote gg ez
  2. απαντησε μια φορα σωστα και τα λεμε.
  3. η διαφορα ειναι οτι ο Σταυρος δεν tryhardαρε ποτε για να γινει staffer ;p
  4. γιαυτο rageαρει, ειδε τοσους να γινοντε gold και αυτος που tryhardαρει τοσο καιρο πηρε την ψωλη του μπαρμπαγιωργη και εχει ξενερωσει την μαπα του τωρα.. sad storka
  5. I'm Selling my account since i'm not playing that much LoL any more and i don't really care about this game. Not something crazy but still someone maybe like it. Account got: Champions Owned: 87 Skins Owned: 73 Rune Pages: 4 Summoner Icons: 55 Season 6 Rank: Gold Current SoloQ Rank: Silver 5 Flex Rank: Bronze II (Didn't care about this rank tbh) Skins: Runes: Champions: Profile: Summoner Icons: If you need to know anything else pm me. Price is negotiable pm me or reply here with your offer!
  6. If you know about AE you can download free the template from here: http://aedownload.com/hand-writing-book-free-download-videohive/ (i checked the uploaded.net file and it's working so i guess all of them working) and here: http://shareae.com/video-displays/6648-hand-writing-book-videohive.html
  7. [gr] ευχαριστώ αγορίνα [gr] εγώ το θέλω πάντως, το δικό σου design είναι πιο ωραίο, στείλε σε pm αν θές η link στο φβ
  8. Οκ εχεις δικιο, αλλαξες maintitle, εβαλες ενα header-bg image και αλλαξες bg color kai texts colors :P WOW
  9. τι edits? XD ετοιμο ειναι, μονο logo αλλαξε, το οποιο το πηρε απο εδω :poker face:
  10. Thanks mate for your feedback and your support!
  11. ahhaahahaha again trying to show his self as a pro dev by using shared codes claiming as his. In fact this code is shared on l2jbrasil (no advertise) by bluur XD
  12. About the images you can get em by using umodel and extract every image is available on lineage by their textures and then open and edit them via photoshop
  13. oh great, christmas is coming so it will be great! I'll check it and i'll come back to tell you, thanks anyway
  14. ah so it will exchange the ingredient item to the production item i've added with the enchant value that my ingredient item got?
  15. Your multisell was like this i guess for example <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!-- Test Multisell --> <list maintainEnchantment="true"> <!-- Dark Crystal for Major --> <item id="1"> <ingredient id="2407" count="1" enchant="10"/> <production id="6383" count="1" enchant="10"/> </item> </list> right?