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  1. L2j = aCis or Lucera, L2Off = Vanganth Extender or AdvExtender
  2. Yea, Deazer (lucera dev) i think he can implement things what you need in your pack but when he finish support or etc. you have nothing, that's why in my opinion better way is go aCis, or buy and decompile lucera :)
  3. Lucera, nice pack but you don't have access to source, keep that in mind :)
  4. You expect they start share it for free xd? I think they want make OP interface for IT and make money on it, simple. Like we can see on the example Neophron, Adrenaline bot etc. etc. people will buy that stuff, and ofc. play w/o bots, interface is more interesting like old times but now is 2019 and if you want be competitive, win epics MassPVP etc. you must use it bcs. all top pack use this shit :) Nothing changes the fact that they put a lot of work into this interface and it would be funny if they started share it for free :)
  5. Big job, and ofc I am interested buying this interface when it's possible :) GL
  6. Read what you write here and compare it with your fail shit l2mid.
  7. "Fail of the Year" 2 srv fail in 1 month from 1 staff :P "Best pvp server is coming! Come on! We are waiting for you." Yea we for you too.... :P
  8. Server, maybe good but online here max 200 i think no future :/ But GL> All playing Dex x25 and this is reason.
  9. [PL] A ja dla zasady staram się nie oceniać serwera przed startem i tobie radze to samo :P Wszystko zależy jak sobie administracja poradzi z DDoS które będa na starcie na pewno.
  10. [PL] I kto to mówi.. ogarnijcie się obaj :P
  11. [PL] Najpierw mu mówisz że dobrze bo trzeba wspierać polską "gospodarkę" i będziesz grał bo wolisz wspierać polski srv niż ruski a na sam koniec każesz mu zmienić domene bo ".pl" to obciach? Ogarnij się... .