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  1. from low rates to x10k servers , from the best projects to the worst projects, from admins to players , ive played with tons of ppl the past 4 years. i know 1st hand how retarded this community is.nobody accepts looses,everybody got the best party, everybody is the best MA or BP, admins acting big and not listening to their communitys , then blaming them for leaving their so called best c6 projects. ppl nowadays are thinking they are so good so they ask items and real money from the admins in order to join the server , otherwise the give fake rummors to the community,so they fck up servers . i played on such partys and insta flamed them and left. last summer i decided to play some hi5 mids . found some partys to drive there . some partys got good reputations,some not . anyway, the community there is not like the dumbster of c6 , the servers aint like c6 , i saw no tryhard-calm ppl having fun with their dudes , having fun playing the game at all and even earning some bucks.tryed classic also . pretty fun, i literally felt the old nostalgia of this game. community was fun and grown up. this community is retarded from admins to players, thats why everybody leaves the dumbster and moves to russians or other clients.