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  1. Thank you! :) I thought i should change it from L2 Text but now I remember :D
  2. Thanks a lot!!! Solved Lock it :) thanks again :D
  3. Hi, I have an interlude server can someone guide me how to allow others to connect to the server? I have oppened the ports through firewall, In both TCP and UTC I put my current IP in L2.ini But others can't connect. Please any help/advice? Thanks :)
  4. Hi, I was searching for Dynasty Weapons but all files I found are broken or something missing, or don't work.. I'm in dispair!! If anyone have some Dynasty Weapons COMPLETE files please send them! thanks :)
  5. You can find the RB's stats and change the immunity to debuffs or something?
  6. You can search it on eclipse, there will be a code with the red colour name when player have karma. find a new colour code and just replace it, I'm sorry I can't find the path to find that for you, but i think i helped a bit.. :)
  7. Nope.. but you can still change the LineageEffect in the weapongrp.dat file.. it doesn't change the glow colour but the colour type. :)
  8. Can anyone help me how to edit this? the server_help.htm in l2text folder have chinese inside.. Thanks,(my file edit can't decrypt them)
  9. Aa ok den to iksera sorry :p efxaristw gia tin pliroforia pantos!!