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  1. Looking for a working rebirth manager for rev 370+ yes i have searched... yes i have tryed adapting.... get error: cannot find symbol [javac] if (rsl.getId() == _skillId && rsl.getLevel() == _skillLevel) or if someone know how to fix... some help please p.s. not an eclipse pro. :-(
  2. Hello Fellow MXC community I am Lookin for someone with knowledge of setting up and private server. From picking the correct pack to setting it up on a host. I would prefer to have some one who can speak good english (as it is the only language i speak) and have a mic to talk... im not expecting anyone to give up their life or free time to help me im only asking for guidance and knowledge how to do it on my own. Im not a kid, I have a wife and kids and a life of my own just like everyone else. I have played around with a few pre-config packs but its been mostly copy and paste things...I would