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  1. This project looks actually very promising. will be there! :)
  2. There are not big bugs atm, only minors what i have seen. server is good and there is good community.
  3. Looks good, will come with friends. how u gonna handle the advertisement for server ? classic need successful start with decent amount of ppl.
  4. Supreme u are doing wonderful job, and i really believe this project will be successful, Keep up the good work!
  5. Looks perfect! will be there for sure!
  6. Woa, didnt check donate section, this need to be fixed, will fuk up whole economy of server totally if they make this. boosts are fine for me but, why make so expensive. maybe 10euros max this 100% boost.
  7. Have anyone noticed this when u try to connect -> "Website + Forum is under construction. We have a live date! Stay tuned!"