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  1. may be upgrade to classic
  2. Now the client patch is available with English localization. Not an error "Invalid Location"
  3. source code based is grind team private source actual version, protected multisell , cache, anti-bot system. Client files fixed this problem.
  4. Added 2 new revisions and perepisanny revised formula for calculating the characteristics of the characters / receiving exp / sp. Added cms behave like the xml-rpc
  5. Greetings !!! My team and i are developing a game server lineage 2 game chronicles the classic 1.0. I can confidently say that now our emulator is a leading, full configuration makes it possible for a dedicated server running a beta test is white. Play on the newly rediscovered pvp project or stable beta test, we all loved classics. To you, go for it.
  6. Lineage2Classic project The Destruction of the mind - the team develops private Lineage 2 emulator . At the moment, stopped at chronicles Lineage2Classic, much has been done and the project will improve and expand functionality Site: dom-team.ru Now the client patch is available with English localization. Not an error "Invalid Location" Current revision : 4.0 Just have a test server on the access to it in writing mail Reference on the subject support the test server: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/188371-l2angels/ Revision 3.4 Daylight L2Classic Delete: All datapak on C1 chronicles
  7. please give me a patched l2.bin and l2.ini files.