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  1. Что на счет Пати, пати баффа? Или хотя бы привязки к окна к персу и давать ребафф в определённое время? Это есть или будет когда-то?
  2. Hey my friends, whats goes, need help with free adri for liru x7 gf, (bp with hide process doesnt works), so someone have idea to bp new gf CliExt Shield? (with adri I can select char but then disc. to login window) Who is the best hacker in the world? C-o my friends! ;) now is Open Beta on server, live on 12.9.15, but u can try on Beta (OBT)
  3. adrik crack easy work, hide Startet and Shild, log-in, easy play.
  4. ye, i think too, but the latest cracked adrn version is 1.71 or?
  5. Guys, have someone a idea, how to bypass adrenalin for Lineage2.com? (chornos) (tower bypass woks fine, but tower not so good :D, wanna adrik)
  6. 25e :DD for 25e i can buy Premium Adrenalin Unlimited which works everywhere xd
  7. for a random free-shard u have nice protection. ps:Jimmy Nuke back in buis.?=), sold every freeshard Nanna x75 files/IT retail files, first Cartel, now E-Global ^^ and same protection like LiRu)