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  1. Hello everyone, I just want to say that for the past 30 days Stinky has been working on my project. He is very helpfull person and kind. He is always comunicating with client and shows his works. I like him a lot. If you are strugling to find someone to work on some kind of project Stinky is the man.
  2. I want to thank you for this hard work on this webpage, and im starting something and this already helps alot. Thank you
  3. Hello Supreme i'm watching ur server for some time, and i think ur doing a geat job overall. The main problem is, I created a forum acount but never received a confirmation mail to validate my acount. I already created 3 acounts and nothing. Can u resolve this issue? My mail: ""
  4. Fack me, what stupid i was ty for that mate lool
  5. I already did that mate i have it in gamserver/config
  6. I have this error in gameserver console can someone help me out pls?
  7. Ok i finaly got everything right no errors i found a really good toturial from tryskell, but i got only this java error can someone help me out?
  8. I have some questions i managed to get acis trunk 340 and 4 changesets 340,341,342,343,344. When i unzip the tunk 340 i get this 2 folders, they look like the same files when i try to upload from url in eclipse. How does this works?
  9. BTW, i heard good posts about aCis svn, but do u guys know any kind of datapack that is not so buggy, and its worth of trying? Having some hard time finding one. I only hear bad posts about l2jfrozen and some other datapacks, that are all full of buggs/errors
  10. Ok going to try it out, what eclipse do you guys use im using helios i tried to download kepler but doesnt work on my pc dont know why!
  11. Im back with more news mates, ok i have 2 javas installed, u think i should delete all and only instal the JDK? I did the checkout of the 2 links and this time i only got 4 error, here they are: (U think is possible for me to compile, i think this errors are minor dont know) P.S. I tried to build it but didnt work... =3 Thanks for all the help, best regards to all of you!