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  1. I think that chronicles above H5 are simply not so relevant, although there are more opportunities (in terms of development). For example, many times I was offered to make an interface for an asterios client (it seems to be avening), but I see no reason to do this for the sake of a single server. And the situation with current chronicles is simple, only a few people do something, the rest just take it and distribute it under a different name = \
  2. The compiler has nothing to do with it, this error is caused by the fact that the server on which you are trying to test the re-compiled file uses a different protocol, for example: Interface.u file from protocol 273, and the server requires 268.
  3. New year discount! From 27.12.2018 to 04.01.219 a 25% discount on the purchase!
  4. It will be better if you write me using the contacts that I have indicated and I will be able to demonstrate everything to you.
  5. No, it interface for HF client, la2dream - IT
  6. From 07.10.2018 to 14.10.2018 (inclusive), a 25% discount to the purchase of a patch.