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  1. MADa server so i need ddos him ;d
  2. server owner by niggastolemybike.............. he kido gr corruped.......mora deathwisper the best corruped server same staffs
  3. 520 on no 220 on next day 150 on server die corruped /bugs/lag/no vote reward/dominator and archer op
  4. site off ops server off 48h atk start from now next time learn who is boss
  5. server no start ........... good luck
  6. server no fail ..... but staff fail big ... get 50-60 k euro for last 1-2 years no give 600 euro for protect .....
  7. ru ddos him ? want give pic skype i say ddos and 2 min server down ? kid ru ru .... kaza da kyponqsvam az znam koga da go pravq ..... kazax ti kypi si protect ,kato si takav debil nqma da imash server !
  8. hahahhaahhh top200 where ? closed by boss ;d
  9. normal ;d and i hate br ;d
  10. sure 25 big clan where see him ? check clan post all say 1-2 pts
  11. if you get 100 real i delete me l2 ...... [21;00 your server 50 ppl max ] hard work for ? copy paste pack ?
  12. xybavo e da vidq bg server l2 off dano si go napravil dobre ;d kasmet ako imash nqkavi problemi s ddos pishi me
  13. fail site off all play neo you get 50-80 ppl real.....